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YLPD Survey

Skills and Knowledge
Kindly tick the appropriate answer using the rubric: Very true, True, I am not sure, Not true, Not very true
Transformative Leadership
When things don’t work out at first, I give up
Working with others on tasks is not helpful for me
The environment I grow up determines if I will be successful in the future
Ethics and Values
I believe I am a leader whether I am in a position of authority or not
I have a responsibility to solve problems in my community
I have the capacity to bring about change in my community
Diversity, Tolerance and inclusion
I have personal values that guide me
I must model ethical behavior regardless of the situation I find myself
I believe it is not okay to remain silent when I see something that is wrong even if it concerns my friends and family
I believe that people should be treated fairly regardless of their background
it is important to listen to all opinions before making a decision
In conflict resolution, decisions should not be made based on a person's age, gender or ethnic background
I can work effectively with others to produce results
I would not mind if other people criticized my performance
Money is not all you need to solve the problems in your community
Civic Education
I believe that voting is my civic duty
I do not solely rely on the government to develop and build the nation
The government is liable to be transparent about all initiatives to the public
Advocacy 102: Enabling Youth Voices - From Hype to Action
If young people are given the opportunity to voice their opinion, they will demonstrate their ability to foster change
The issues young people face may not be addressed unless we point them out
Advocacy is more effective when devoid of conflict and violence
Community Organizing
It is important to identify key members of the community before embarking on a project
Involving members of the community is a more sustainable way to social change
The opinions of all stakeholders are important
Sustainable Development Goals: The Goals, The Targets, and Your Role
I know what the sustainable development goals are
I can identify problems that need to be addressed in my community
My efforts, even in little ways, contribute to the impact and goal of the SDGs
Public Policy
I understand what public policies should achieve in improving human conditions
The perception of young people can inform or distort public policy development on youth issues
When implementing a policy, it is important to engage stakeholders in the process
General Questions
Kindly rate your capacity on the skills listed below where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest
Project Management
Report writing skills
Stakeholder engagement
Public speaking
Critical thinking

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